Welcome to our happy SiteGround Kids Academy: Nature Adventure!

Adventure. It’s in our nature.

This year, SiteGround’s traditional kids summer academy will focus on outdoor education and adventures. We believe spending time in nature is not just a great pleasure but also a key component of children’s physical, emotional, and social development.

Children of SiteGround employees will spend time exploring and mastering outdoor activities such as map navigation, climbing, bivouac building, and much more.

We’re diving deeper into themes like nature care, animal care, plants, and understanding our environment.

We’ve packed the program with exciting workshops, wholesome meals, cool games, and plenty of opportunities to make new experiences, all while creating great memories and friends.

The program is designed by our dedicated SiteGround Kids Academy Team partnering with experienced professionals. It’s tailored to each age group’s abilities and aims to teach teamwork, problem-solving, resilience, adaptivity, and love for nature.

It’s all about fun, discovering, and growing together in a supportive and adventurous environment.

SiteGround Kids Academy

Nature Adventure Activities

Nature Explorers Monday

  • Herbology & Nature Study
  • Key Mountaineering Principles

Mountain Rangers Tuesday

  • Hiking
  • Safety Essentials
  • Mountain Hazards

Wildlife Warriors Wednesday

  • Protected Flora & Fauna
  • Rope Challenges & Climbing

Navigation Ninjas Thursday

  • Compass Skills
  • Orienteering

Survival Champions Friday

  • Bivouac Setup
  • Ultimate “Survival” Games

Our program is carefully crafted to create a safe environment where every SiteGround Kid, no matter their experience with nature, can explore and have a great time outdoors. We’ll focus on building friendships, working as a team to overcome challenges, learning new skills, and developing resilience and adaptability.

The SiteGround Kids Academy Team hopes everyone enjoys their time to the fullest!