Тhe SiteGround Kids Summer Academy will take place at our beloved SiteGround HQ, together with Garitage Park, which is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk away. This combination allows for a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring a memorable, engaging, and fun experience for all children.

Get ready for an adventure at Markovo Park & Spa Hotel, situated approx. 16-20-minute drive from our office. 

Surrounded by nature, this venue provides a combination of beautiful green spaces, a variety of sports facilities, and a serene setting for our special event.

Complex Bagatur ensures an enriching experience, located just a 7-minute drive from our office. This venue is crafted in an ancient style, resembling a reconstruction of a proto-Bulgarian temporary fortification. With its training grounds, riding arena, and themed corners, the complex offers a diverse range of activities that will certainly entertain the little ones.